My WOW moment

Yesterday I had one of those WOW, on top of the world, life is beautiful moments that I want to share with you all.

I am not sharing this to gloat or make anyone feel bad. I know everyone, especially anyone with a chronic illness, can have a lot of bad days. I have had a lot of bad days.

I am sharing this because of those bad days. I am sharing this with the desire that it gives hope to others. Whether you have a chronic illness or not… whether that chronic illness is active or not… we all have bad days … BUT we can also all have good days. (Side note: And even on a bad day, you can usually find something good to appreciate!)

It’s just a silly little story about my walk to work yesterday. But the feeling I felt means a lot to me. That happy, happy, joy, joy feeling that would mean a lot to anyone who is having a great day and feeling on top of the world. These days mean even more if you’ve faced a lot of bad days in the past. You become even more grateful for those good days.

Josh Pyke @ The Soda Factory
Josh Pyke @ The Soda Factory

I was walking to work after catching the train into the city with my sexy husband, listening to Josh Pyke on my iPod. His music always makes me feel happy, but the fact that we were also going to see him play live at his new album launch that night made me feel even more joyous!

I was accruing more and more steps on my new Fitbit, which I am thoroughly enjoying and currently winning with the most number of steps in the work week challenge! I was going to work at a job that I actually don’t mind getting out of bed for of a morning.

Our pet sitting trophy!
Our pet sitting trophy!

We had just been offered another house-sitting job based in the city for 4 weeks starting next weekend (can’t wait to be a city slicker and make the most of living in town)! We’d had an enquiry for another potential house/pet sit generated from a flyer we spent last weekend dropping off at vets and pet stores around Sydney (so that might actually pay off)!

I’d tried on the two new dresses I bought online (first time I’ve ever purchased clothes online before) and they both fitted perfectly and were exactly what I was looking for to wear to 2 of our best friend’s weddings, one in Sydney later this year, and another in Thailand next year!

Everything felt wonderful. Perfect. I was at one with all that was going on for me in that moment. My heart was singing. I was HAPPY. I AM happy. LIFE IS GOOD!

I couldn’t help but smile as I was walking, bopping along to Josh Pyke, thinking how great things were. I even started tearing up a little bit. It might not sound like much, but a few years ago I would not have dreamt or pictured myself being at this point again. Even the mere fact that I could walk freely down the street, breathing in the fresh (well relatively fresh!) Sydney air, not worrying about needing to go to the toilet was a godsend. I almost had to pinch myself to make sure this elated feeling was real.

I know Crohn’s is a chronic illness, is unpredictable and could strike again at any time. I am so blessed to be feeling so healthy again since having surgery. I know there’s a chance down the track that not every day I will feel or be this healthy. Days I might not be able to do all the things that made me smile as I was walking to work yesterday. Right now though, I can.

You have to make the most of every single day, especially the good ones. You have to stay strong, maintain positivity and never lose hope. Not every day will necessarily be a good day, but look for the good in every day, and know that things will get better.

For a long time I nearly lost hope and sight of that. I wasn’t sure I would have days like I had yesterday ever again, but I persevered. I carried on, and eventually the good days returned. The happier days. So yesterday, I took in my surroundings and all the brilliant things I felt around me. I smiled, loving life. So, so grateful of where I am at today. Now. This moment.

The best is yet to come Pic - inspirational


2 thoughts on “My WOW moment

  1. What a wonderful post! Having lived through a lot of those ‘bad’ days with you, I also feel myself tearing up at the knowledge that, whatever might be down the track, now is great for you. Life is good! And that is so precious! It is an understanding from which we can all benefit: Enjoy the now, appreciate all the wonderful things in life no matter how big or small, live and acknowledge every moment with joy. May your ‘wow’ moments be many and always my beautiful girl 😍


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