The 12 Days of Christmas with IBD


Having IBD at Christmas can be tough. Even tougher than regular times of year. Although there is way more to having IBD and the struggle is much more drawn out than a mere 12 days, in the spirit of Christmas, here is a little ditty about IBD tied in with the 12 Days of Christmas – trying to create a little hope and joy and link in with the Xmas spirit.

On the 1st Day of IBD, my IBD gave to me, poo that came out like wee!

On the 2nd Day of IBD, my GP said to me, you need to have a Colonoscopy.

On the 3rd Day of IBD, my treatment plan was to be, investigating if it’s dietary.

On the 4th Day of IBD, I saw my psychologist who helped me, reduce a lot of my anxiety.

On the 5th Day of IBD, I was mortified and upset, I pooped my pants… again… accidentally.

WP_20151225_17_56_48_ProOn the 6th Day of IBD, I was at my wit’s end… there must be something that’s the key, but nothing’s working for me.

On the 7th Day of IBD, my medical team said to me, we need to remove your bowel, Oh Gee!

On the 8th Day of IBD, my husband said to me, I’ll be right here, if you need me.

On the 9th Day of IBD, my stoma nurse said It was to be, it’s time to prep for surgery.

On the 10th Day of IBD, I’m post op and I’m doing great with my nifty new Ostomy.

On the 11th Day of IBD, I can’t believe it, but I’m finally symptom free.

On the 12th Day of IBD, I kicked it in the butt, I am in remission – YIPEE!!!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Laura x


2 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Christmas with IBD

  1. Wow, love this Laura, and you managed to make it rhyme too! That’s one true talent 🙂
    I remember when the STN drew a little circle on my tummy, ready for surgery. I was pretty devo but it was that or death – so I chose life!


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