Have Bag Will Travel – Part 2


It’s no secret that I love to travel! You’re probably sick of seeing photos with my belly and bag out around the world by now! Well sorry folks, but you’re in for more!


Michael and I are moving from the bright lights and sunshine of a Sydney Summer to the brighter lights (but greyer, wetter skies!) of a London winter. Are we crazy? Maybe! phototastic-18_08_2016_6e76bb85-08eb-42a3-af06-27eb877981f2

I have always wanted to live in Europe, but something has always stopped me. Uni, love, career, and then when I had finally made the decision, my health.

In 2009, Michael and I had decided we would take the plunge and move to London. In that same year, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After getting my visa, booking flights, even resigning from my job, as our planned departure date approached in May 2011, my Crohn’s symptoms worsened and our plans were put to an abrupt halt. Read more here.

5 ½ years later, in much better health and headspace, it’s finally happening!!!

After 7 months travelling through Europe in 2014 (6 months after my ostomy surgery), we still didn’t visit half the places we hoped. It didn’t take long after arriving back in Oz to get itchy feet! Holidays and travelling are one thing, but I have always wanted to immerse myself in another country by living and working there! The UK is a relatively easy option for Aussies, AND it means we are just a hop, skip and jump away from the rest of Europe!

I didn’t want to say anything until my visa was approved (thanks Michael and Michael’s mum for his British citizenship!), but I just can’t hold it in any longer!!! Hopefully I am not jinxing us with a premature announcement, but I can no longer contain my delight (plus I know the next few weeks are going to be super busy and I may not have time to blog)!

I am excited and nervous. We have open ended tickets and no idea how long we will stay. We don’t know anyone. We have no friends or family in the UK. No jobs. No house. No support system. No doctors or stoma nurse. It’s scary but exhilarating! Travelling with Crohn’s and an ostomy can be daunting, let alone packing up everything to live in another country and basically start from scratch!

Living in London will hopefully mean visiting many more places, as well as new friends, new experiences, new jobs …. a whole new adventure! I am hopeful that it will open doors and new prospects for being able to work within the IBD/Ostomy community, and I’d love to meet some of my Stomalicious friends from other countries and attend events and fundraisers in the UK.

All things going to plan, we jet off in a few weeks (please cross fingers, toes and everything for me that my visa comes through soon!), via 5 weeks in Africa, eager to start this new part of our lives!

London here we come baby!! I intend to post updates and blog as we go, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride! Watch out for many more “Where in the World is my Stoma?” photos!

A very excited world travelling ostomate,

Laura  x 🤗📷✈🌍

(And you thought I was having a baby, didn’t you?!)


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