Pints and the Pope in Dublin

20180825_095733One of the things I love about London is being able to zip over to another country for a weekend! I’d love to know how many countries (let alone cities) you can get to within 2 hours by plane, train or even car from London?! Suffice to say a lot more, a tad closer (and cheaper!) than Australia!

For the August bank holiday weekend, we did just that! Our first visit to the Emerald Isle with a long weekend in Dublin. Read More »


The Lofoten Life – turning 40, 68 degrees north


Have you heard of the Lofoten islands? Thanks to a friend at work, I found out about this incredible place in Norway, and it sounded like the perfect place to celebrate my husband Michael’s big ’40’ birthday! It’s as far north as we’ve ever been, at 68 degrees north of the Arctic circle. We were a little late for the midnight sun, and a little early for the northern lights, but it was still magnificent and some of the most beautiful natural scenery I’ve seen in my life!
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Time flies when you’re having fun travelling with a stoma!

How did we get to be half way through 2018 already?! The year is flying by! So much has happened (apart from me actually writing many blog posts!) and my ostomy and I have continued our travel adventures around the world, even with some new friends in tow!

I could easily write an entire blog post for each trip, but it could be 2028 before I get around to that, so thought I’d write a little summary of each destination, the highlights, anything ostomy specific I can think of, and of course share a few photos getting my belly out in each place!
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