All aboard the Stoma bus!

20181006_103621Yesterday, Saturday 6th October was World Ostomy Day (WOD). I celebrated by getting on board the Stoma bus with Colostomy UK, the Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Association, the Urostomy Association, plus lots of awesome ostomates driving around London past all the iconic sights, getting lots of attention, helping raise awareness and breaking down stoma stigmas.

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6 Things my ostomy didn’t (and did) change about me

To mark World Ostomy Day 2018, I’ve decided to write about things my ostomy didn’t change about me or my life. It would probably be easier to write about things my ostomy DID change about me. It would certainly be a shorter list! Why? Apart from a few obvious things, not much has changed. I’m still me! A slightly rejigged version of me where my body functions a tad differently to some, but otherwise, still me. I would even say a new and improved version of me!

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