Introducing “my little guy”

Naming body parts – Do you name yours?

A stoma. Just another body part. Like a leg or an arm, your ears or your little finger, it has a purpose and does its job to keep our bodies working. It just looks and functions slightly different to the majority of other peoples. Yet somehow it’s far more than just another body part. For some of us it ended years of pain and anguish. For some it saved their lives. I’ve heard people say their stoma is “a miracle” and “I’m crazy about her”.

Others are still unsure and coming to terms with theirs. Of course you wouldn’t choose to have a stoma over normal functioning bowels, but for many of us, there was no other option, and it is here to stay. For me, it is now a part of me, and in many ways it is an incredibly fascinating and interesting part of me. Read More »

Global toilet trotting!

This post is all about toilets! On our travels, I quickly learnt that toilets and bathrooms around the world are almost as diverse as people and cultures. They come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and styles. I do not discriminate against one style or another though ….. as long as they get the job done!

Here are a few of my more memorable travelling toilet moments 🙂 Read More »