Babies, bags and biological clocks

I have never been an overly clucky person. I didn’t grow up dreaming of being a mum, but I never ruled it out of my life plan either. Now I am in my mid 30s … pushing 40. Is it too late? Now that I have Crohn’s disease and an ostomy, is it even an option?

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Ostomy Fashionista

I am by no means a ‘fashionista’, and definitely not the first person I would turn to for style tips or clothing advice!! You wouldn’t see the outfits I wear on the runways in Milan, but I do have almost 3 years’ experience dressing with an ostomy, and over the years have picked up some practical tips and ideas on dressing with an ostomy.Read More »

“How do you view the loo?”

A toilet. Loo. Lavatory. Commode. W.C. John. Potty. Latrine. Rest room. Wash room. Dunny. Whatever you want to call it, we all use them! But have you ever really thought in detail about a toilet? How you see a toilet and what going to the toilet means to you?

For most of us a toilet is purely a means to an end. A device you sit on to expel your bodily waste. It’s something you use because you have to use it. It’s part of everyday life and I am sure most of you don’t even think twice about it. It’s something you take for granted, and when you sit on it once or twice a day, you do your business and you are done. That’s it!

For some of you, sitting on the loo might even be an enjoyable experience. Reading the paper, playing games on your phone, getting a bit of peace and quiet, some relax time!

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What does IBD mean to me?

World IBD Day is this Thursday 19th May. Over 5 million people worldwide including 75,000 Australians (1 in 250) live with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative colitis, forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). I am one of those people. You might be one of those people. You might care for one of those people. You may not know it, but you more than likely know one of those people. Or maybe like me before I was diagnosed, you know nothing about IBD at all.

Each of us has a different story. IBD is such an individual disease. It is different when it comes to symptoms, treatment, medication, diet, severity and location of inflammation, surgeries and how it affects us. What works for one person does not necessarily work for the next. There is no one answer; no one size fits all approach; certainly no miracle cure (yet!).

IBD means a lot of different things to different people.

For World IBD Day I’d like to shout loudly about what IBD means to me! In many ways IBD brings about painful emotions and negative connotations. How could it not? Equally important though is the significance it has had on my life, as well as the positive impact to my outlook and even life choices (yes, I did just use the word positive!).  Read More »

To My Mum

FB_20160509_16_08_15_Saved_PictureYesterday was Mother’s Day in Australia. I am not a mother, but I am blessed to have lots of mothers in my life, including my beautiful, amazing mum Vivienne. I might be biased, but she is THE best mum in the whole entire world! I spent the day yesterday with my beautiful mum, and my equally beautiful sister Emma, and mother in law June. We all had a lovely day together doing mum’s day type stuff!!

The definition of “mother” is someone who creates, nurtures and protects. You don’t have to have given birth or be a biological mother to fit this definition. There are so many amazing women and mother figures out there including aunties, step-mums, godmothers, foster mums, mums of fur babies, teachers and friends. Happy mother’s day to all of you too!

I wanted to use this opportunity to finally write a blog post for my mum. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but to be honest was a bit overwhelmed as there are so many things I want to say about her and to her, and I want to make sure I do this justice!

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