Reading material: Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness week

Here are some of the articles I have shared or come across during Crohn’s and Colitis awareness week that are well worth a read, as well as some inspirational awareness raising personal stories and blogs from fellow IBDers and ostomates. Please check them out!

General articles:  understanding-ibd_1126_633_s_c1

A guide to understanding Crohn’s & Ulcerative colitis published by Crohn’s and Colitis UK:

Why this week is so important to me (by Hattie Gladwell):

16 Things only people with Crohn’s Disease know:

11 Ways that Crohn’s and Colitis can feel like invisible diseases:

Results of an IBD survey and reactions from contributors:

Sam Cleasby, aka blogger So Bad Ass, discussing her Ulcerative Colitis in Dr Hilary’s Open Surgery on Lorraine:

Last but not least – Get Your Belly Out!

AND Personal stories and blogs

The Chronic Adventurer explains his Crohn’s, Colitis & Me poster:

Check out Stoma in a Teacup Shell’s 3 part ostomy bag changing routine on her Facebook page:


Steph from Colitis to Ostomy shares some blogs/vlogs that she regularly follows (make sure you check out her great blog too):


Lindsay on living with a wonky bowel:

Sara from Inflamed and Untamed talks about how it’s so much more than just the physical stuff:

Marisa Lauren Troy of discussed (Trying to) Exercise with IBD:

Gutless and Glamorous’ Gaylyn goes unfiltered:

And thousands of other personal stories via the Crohn’s, Colitis & Me posters:



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