Happy Stomaversary to my little guy!!

Today, I am posting a special blog to acknowledge the 2-year anniversary of my ileostomy surgery. Some might find it an odd thing to do, observing the “birthday” of a stoma. Amongst ostomates, a stomaversary is actually quite common practice!

How to go about this? I want to honour and pay homage to my stoma (aka “my little guy”) with the respect it deserves. It’s not about mourning the death of, but rather celebrating the legacy of my colon (and what’s left of it)! Celebrating and rejoicing the creation day of something rather amazing!

So, I asked some of my nearest and dearest to send my stoma an anniversary card message on this, its special day.

To follow are messages from family, friends and others who have been in the life of my little guy, including a message from me of course!

Happy stoma anniversary !!
2 yr stomaversary dad
And many more years of adventures to come !!
Love Dad xxx

Helen message

I cannot believe it’s 2 years. You have done so much in this short time. More than others have done in a life time. I hope life is forever good to you. Happy Anniversary and keep up the great work. Helen x

Dearest Little Guy,
Although we all felt a little wary of you at first and taking this leap was a big decision for Laura, it makes me feel so grateful to see how you have you enabled her to live her life to the fullest again. Thank you for giving my best friend the freedom she deserves and the inspiration to show others how far this journey with you has taken her. Happy 2nd birthday. Thanks for giving us our Laura back.
Love Kate

joie de vivreHappy stoma-versary to Laura’s little guy! Who could have realized, when you appeared in our lives two years ago, what an incredible difference you would make! Your quiet (well, generally quiet!) efficiency has given my beautiful Laura, and Mikey of course, their lives back. Joy has returned thanks to you . . . and what greater gift could there be for a parent than to see joy in their children’s lives? I am eternally grateful. May you continue to function with quiet efficiency for all the years to come. Laura, continue to look after your precious little guy with all the love and care you currently bestow on him. He deserves it! Happy stoma-versary to you both. Mum xoxo

Happy 2nd anniversary little guy!!
Thanks for being the best accessory a girl could ever have. .. Compact, reliable, spunky and silent!!
You are the essential piece of luggage for our beautiful journeyed Laura and lucky you to share in all her adventures. We are delighted you do your job so well.
All our love
Sue, Beth & Sarah xxx

From the lovely Michelle
Mind Matters Hypnotherapy

Happy 2nd stoma-versary
Fabulous to hear it is all going so well -have a beautiful day Love Bev xxx

“Wow 2 years! Seems just like the other day that we were talking about faecal matter transplants (over dinner I might add), and now you’re a fully grown bag! One of these days you’ll be graduating from college and you’ll meet someone special and have little bags of your own. Happy 2nd Stoma-versary. We are so grateful you have brought our friend back to health! Lots of love, Cherie & James xx

I love youHere’s to the little guy who gave not only my wife, but also mine, the lives back we so sorely missed! To the adventures it’s allowed us, and to the food we’ve discovered with him. And how could I forget the comedic gold you bring with your noises! You’re a bloody legend little guy!! Here’s to many more years!


annaHappy 2nd stomaversary!!! Where has the time gone? This time last year we were all in Nimes having a fantastic time, you will have to settle for Sydney this stomaversary. Let’s plan for another overseas jaunt for the next one! France, Italy, Spain, maybe Turkey …. too many places most of which you have been to already! Cheers, Anna

mother bird

Dear Laura,
I feel somewhat like a “mother bird” ( not to take anything from your own family!! )
The early days of a new chick in the nest listening and learning all about your new stoma. We watched you become healthy and strong and “leave the nest” to travel, marry and enjoy life. Congratulations on embracing life .
“If you are born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing “
CoCo Chanel”
Your wings have certainly grown.
Kerrin ( AKA stomal Therapist)

Just 2 years ago you made a decision that would prove to change your life completely, one that I too was contemplating nearly 8 years ago. How that decision has changed your life is just wonderful!!
I know that life will only get better for you and Michael and your little mate. Celebrate this 2 year stoma-versary in style! Wishing you a life filled with the best of health, joy and happiness always,
Much love from Ros (Crohns & Colitis Australia Support Group)

So, I thought rather than writing a card I should give your little guy a “survival kit” in the case of “emergency”:) Thank you Miss Feeinawati, we love it!

survival kit in case of emergency

weddingTo my big sister’s “little guy” on his 2nd birthday!

What an amazing change you have made to all our lives – I have my big sister back and she finally is able to live the life she dreamed.

It was with much hesitation and trepidation that the decision was finally made to get you, but now we couldn’t imagine our lives without you.

Thank-you for being you and for allowing my big sister to feel confident and regain her life again.

I can’t imagine it’s easy living with her 24/7 but hang in there… she grows on you… and she’s worth it! Em x

Through yoga and meditation, my beautiful yoga teacher Christine, has helped me and my tummy through many a tough time, and I continue to appreciate the ongoing benefits this gives me (and my body, including my stoma).


And finally a message from me, your number 1 fan!

My messageHappy Stomaversary 2

A HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed and for helping celebrate my little guy’s stomaversary with me. Looking forward to lots more adventures between now and its 3 year stomaversary! 

Laura x


2 thoughts on “Happy Stomaversary to my little guy!!

  1. And, in the midst of so many blogs you have posted, many of which have brought me to tears, this one is, I think, the most special of all! So many beautiful responses! I have shed bucket loads of emotional, happy tears, and I imagine you must have too as you read the responses of all those who love you. We are all so blessed 😍 Love you heaps ❤


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