“An Orientation week for Ostomates”. What to Expect When You’re Expecting a stoma! 6tag-2958205375-1274957826355487186_2958205375

I recently held Ostomy O-Week on the Stoma-licious Facebook page and Instagram account.  What started as a week ended up being closer to a MONTH! There are just so many topics to discuss when it comes to OSTOMIES! I still haven’t covered anywhere near all of them! 

I’ve decided to publish a 4-part series of all the Ostomy O-Week posts here!

Whether you’re new to an ostomy, about to have surgery and have questions you’d like answered, your ostomy is old hat and you’re a seasoned pro, or you’re just curious, it’s always interesting to hear other people’s perspectives and tips and compare notes! It’s been fun getting to know each other and I’ve learnt so much from others along the way.

O-week covers everything from surgery to daily life as an ostomate, bag changes, blockages and more. A series of all sorts of short ostomy related questions were put forward so everyone could join in and share their knowledge and experiences.  

The most powerful source of information comes from each other! There are no right or wrong answers! Everyone is different. This is not the sort of information you would necessarily hear from your stoma nurse or doctor. This is about keeping it real, sharing thoughts and ideas and getting a broad range of responses to help others and each other!

Knowledge is power! Community is everything! 💪 🙆 👪 🌏

Please check out all Ostomy O-Week questions in the following posts, along with my answers.

For many other perspectives and thoughts, check out everyone else’s responses:

Facebook – Ostomy O-Week

Instagram – Ostomy O-Week

Or share your own right here!


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