4MeUnderwear: REVIEW

PhototasticCollage-2016-08-08-20-24-29I’m not sure what made me decide to venture into ostomy underwear land! I was happy in my regular Bonds boy leg undies, and I’ve never really been into sexy lingerie. My Bonds were getting a little worse for wear, so I figured why not branch out and try something new!?

I ordered a couple of pairs of 4me Underwear online, which was a super easy process via their website. The lovely Michelle (designer and brains behind 4me and an ostomate herself) threw in a few extra pairs for me to try on the house 🙂

I’ve been wearing 4MeUnderwear on a daily basis for several months now, and I honestly wouldn’t go back! I only wish I’d made the leap and tried them sooner! Here’s my review!

Styles, fabrics + colours

4MeUnderwear comes in several different styles, materials and colours, offering something for everyone and every occasion. There are even underwear options for men as well as belly bands.

All the undie styles are incredibly wearable – “plain”, “cheeky” (with just a little bit of lace around the edges) and “lace” (for something a little fancier).

The material is breathable (nothing worse than a sweaty crotch!), easy to wash, made well and to last. Unlike some lesser quality brands I’ve owned over the years, 4Me looks like it will keep its shape nicely. You can choose from the comfy fabric (thicker nylon / cotton) or indulgent (super thin, soft, light, silkier feel), in 3 colours – black, white and beige.

My personal favourites for every day wear are the plain briefs in the comfy fabric. If I’m feeling a little bit sassy or for date night, I like the cheeky style in the indulgent fabric. Black is and always will be my colour of choice!

It’s all in the detail

PhototasticCollage-2016-08-08-20-29-55I was a little uncertain at first as I’ve never worn underwear specifically designed for ostomates before. They are significantly larger and higher waisted than what I was used to (my husband calls them my Bridge Jones undies!). It took me a few wears to get a feel for them, but they are now the first thing I grab out of my undie drawer over anything else.

They are super comfy and supportive. The waist sits at the perfect height, completely covering my ostomy bag, making me feel secure and confident.

Previously I wore my normal undies with my appliance hanging out over the top, PLUS I would wear a long tight fitting singlet to hold everything in. Looking back, this was silly. 4MeUnderwear offers all this in one, with the added benefit of being more comfortable and stylish. I’m also less inclined to touch or feel around the bag ( I have a tendency to do) when it’s tucked out of the way!

What to wear

This underwear is perfect under dresses, skirts and high waisted pants. I wear a lot of low rise jeans that sit beneath my ostomy bag, so it feels a bit weird having the undies up higher than my jeans, but it still works and looks fine if wearing a longer top.

I’ve found on the odd occasion I can feel the bottom right corner of the bag rubbing close to my panty line, but I think this depends on the angle I’ve placed my bag and what else I am wearing, as it’s only happened a few times and certainly wouldn’t stop me from wearing them.

Check them out!

In a nutshell, 4me Underwear is good quality, comfortable, supportive, stylish, perfect for every day wear, and won’t break the bank. They look, fit and feel great!

Check out the website https://www.4meunderwear.com.au/ and register for updates so you’re the first to know about new products, offers and discounts.

I am now a big fan, and if you try them out, I’m sure you will be too!

P.S. Hope you like the pictures! They are my attempt at doing some amateur ostomy underwear modelling!


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